How To Bypass Captcha On Various Websites Using 2Captcha

Here’s how to bypass captcha or recaptcha on various websites such as Cloudfare and others using 2Captcha the easy way.

If you are the type of person – or company – that is looking to weaponize yourself with an automated captcha and ReCaptcha solving solution, then the 2Captcha service could definitely be something worthy of consideration.

What is 2Captcha?

2Captcha is a new attempt at solving the captcha problem that plagues users all over the internet. One of the downsides of some of the alternative solutions on the market is that they have a relatively high rate of failure. When you’re paying for a solution, this just doesn’t cut it. 2Captcha offers a similar captcha solving solution to those competitors but it does it by using a collective of actual people to solve the puzzles.

Getting Up and Running

It is entirely free to sign up for the 2Captcha service, so, in that respect, getting up and running is probably one of the easiest things you will do today. During that process, you will be asked if you are a Customer, a Worker, or a Developer, and you will be asked to provide an email address and a password to secure the account. Pretty standard stuff, right?

As a signed-up user, you can view a centralized dashboard area that provides immediate access to different statistics and instantly see how many Workers are online for you and ready to solve. This dashboard gives a quick and easy way of adding funds to your account in order to use the core product.


Once you are signed up and ready to become a Customer, the 2Captcha service has two different pricing tiers. If you are looking to simply solve normal captchas – which are relatively easy to solve – then you can purchase 1000 captcha solves for just $0.87. For the more difficult ReCaptchas, the price is slightly higher as solving those is more complex for the Workers and requires a little bit more time to be spent. In that tier, you can purchase 1000 ReCaptcha solves for $2.99. Both solutions are actually extremely affordable.

The 2Captcha service accepts payments via an account from a range of different sources, which just adds to the versatility of the product.


Like any service of this nature, the reliability of the service is only as effective as the “Workers” that are actually solving the captchas. In order to ensure that reliability and Worker effectiveness is kept high, 2Captcha puts all Workers through an initial training scheme to ensure that they are working correctly and efficiently and know what to expect. Workers are also appended with a reputation system that issues 1 reputation point for every 1000 captchas solved. If mistakes are made, that reputation score suffers.

Ultimately, if the reputation score degrades significantly, then the Worker is removed from the system and won’t be able to solve any more captchas. This type of system tries to ensure reliability and customer happiness as well as being in place to catch those who try to cheat the system by using automated solving solutions.

Are Results Guaranteed?

Humans make mistakes. That is a fact of life that you cannot get away from. So, with that in mind, a positive outcome isn’t always guaranteed but only paying for successful captcha solves is. Refunds are issued for incorrect recognition where the mistake is clear and obvious.

Will it Work for You?

This is definitely one of the better solutions on the market. By harnessing the power of human Workers, 2Captcha is looking to improve reliability and build a system that works for all people that are looking for an automated (or, semi-automated depending on your view) way of solving captchas. If you have this problem and are prepared to pay up to $2.99 for 1,000 ReCaptcha solves, then this could definitely be the solution for you.

You can check it out here.

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