Heatgate?: iPhone X Overheating Issues Being Reported With No Fix In Sight

A number of iPhone X owners are starting to complain that their hardware is suffering from serious overheating issues and excessive data consumption.

One user has suggested that his wife’s phone became so hot that it was unresponsive, wouldn’t register in iTunes, and wouldn’t cool down.

No device from any manufacturer is ever going to be entirely perfect. Consumers, testers, and device owners will always find glitches and issues with the anything that’s released. Some of those glitches will be software-related, whereas others will live within the hardware, which is a little more worrying as that’s no easy to fix on a mass scale.

However, if you part with $1,000 for what is supposedly the most cutting-edge smartphone on the market, you aren’t exactly going to be happy about having to put that device in the freezer to try and cool it down. It may sound far-fetched but those are the lengths some individuals are going to.

Another user has suggested that his wife’s iPhone X “overheated last night and failed” to the point that the device was too hot to even touch and that placing it in the freezer wouldn’t cool it down. Others, who expressed their concern in the official Apple forums, suggested that the problem was occurring when they were running navigation or processor intensive apps like Google-owned Waze.

Others have suggested that watching videos on the native Facebook app and within Mobile Safari has been the cause of overheating on their iPhone X. They have also complained of rapid battery drain connected to the issue.

In order to prove that the issue is actually happening, one user has taken the opportunity to also include a video upload which shows iPhone X disabling the LED camera flash temporarily while it cools down. There is also a system alert which reads “The iPhone needs to cool down before you can use the flash.” Like most devices of this nature, Apple has optimum operating temperatures for iPhone X, with safeguards built in to protect the device if the temperatures exceed the safety nets. However, we would never imagine that those temperatures would be exceeded purely by running apps or attempting to use the device in a normal manner.

In addition to the overheating, some iPhone X owners are also starting to believe that Apple’s new device uses a lot more cellular data than earlier models and that iPhone X “has enhancements that might use cellular data regardless of a wifi connection.” Apple hasn’t provided any insight into what those “enhancements” are or if they can be turned off but it could be quite worrying for individuals with low data tariffs who ensure that they stay connected to WiFi to stay within their data limitations.

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