GTA 5 Mod Lets You Blow Things Up With The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [Video]

If there are two things that are certainties in this life, it’s the fact that everyone loves watching a giant fall, and people are always going to create mods for Grand Theft Auto games. It’s not always the case that the two manage to find a way to intersect, but sometimes the stars align just so and something magical happens.

A prime example of that is the fact that someone has been able to mod Grand Theft Auto V to include Samsung’s now-infamous Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.


While initially, you may think that’s great advertising for the company, it soon becomes clear that things aren’t all that rosy. Instead, the Galaxy Note 7 that is now part of the GTA 5 universe via a new mod in which it that acts as an explosive, blowing up anything in its path device, because recall.

You would have to have been living on an island somewhere to have avoided the furore that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has caused over the last few weeks, with it catching fire, exploding and generally being far too combustible for its own good.

This GTA 5 mod takes advantage of that and turns the Galaxy Note 7 into a real, no-nonsense weapon. In the world of GTA 5, nothing explodes quite like a high-end Samsung flagship smartphone!

Samsung has had a bad few weeks of it, and this is the latest in a long line of dings the company’s reputation has faced. Unfortunately, there was little Samsung could do to head this kind of thing off once a recall was officially announced, and that recall was inevitable once more and more Galaxy Note 7 smartphones started to explode. It’s unfortunate, and perhaps even a little mean that Samsung’s current troubles are becoming the punchlines of jokes already, but them’s the breaks.

Onwards and upwards to the Galaxy Note 8, we say.

(Source: Modded Games [YouTube])

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