Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes In A 6-Year-Old Boy’s Hands When He Was Watching Videos

Yet another Galaxy Note 7 has burst into flames, this time when the device was in operation with a 6-year-old boy watching videos on the Samsung’s 2016 flagship smartphone.

According to the boy’s grandmother, New York-based Linda Lewis, the unexpected explosion was powerful enough to engulf the device in flames as her grandson was holding it, resulting in the boy being taken to hospital with burns and all alarms being set off in the house due to the severity of the resulting fire.


The 6-year-old in question was taken immediately to the Downstate Medical Center to receive treatment for burns to his body, and was later released back into the care of his parents at home. According to his grandmother, “he doesn’t want to see or go near any phones. He’s been crying to his mother.”

This incident in New York is just another example of many of defective Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets spontaneously exploding or bursting into due to the inclusion of defective battery. Samsung has already issued a worldwide recall of devices because of this issue.

After initially issuing its own product recall for the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is now also working in conjunction with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to ensure that all devices are returned as part of the recall, with Samsung looking to either provide a full refund, or a temporary phone as a replacement, or issue a Galaxy Note 7 like-for-like replacement that doesn’t suffer from the defective battery issue. This incident also comes in at a time with the FAA issuing an official warning against the use of Note 7 devices on airplanes, with many airlines already banning the device from being boarded on a plane.


It remains to be seen what percentage of Note 7 owners would actually have confidence in a like-for-like replacement, and how many will actually want a refund to buy a smartphone from another manufacturer. If you own a Galaxy Note 7, and are currently holding onto it under the belief that “it won’t happen to me“, then we highly suggest against doing that as all 2.5 million Note 7 sold till date have defective batteries and are likely to explode anytime.

The family in South Carolina with the burned down garage, or this 6-year-old child in New York with burns to his body, were probably under the same assumption and look what happened to them.

If you have a Note 7, please take advantage of the worldwide recall and return the device as soon as possible. For information on how to claim a refund or replacement for your Galaxy Note 7, check here: Galaxy Note 7 Recall: How To Return It To Verizon, T-Mobile, Samsung, Others.

(Source: New York Post , Top image via: Galaxy Note 7 explosion damages hotel room in Australia)

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