Google Nexus Player Android TV Now Available At Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg

Google’s first Android TV device, the Nexus Player, is now available to buy at retail from somewhere other than Google’s own online store. In fact, if you’re willing to trek down to a local Best Buy, you can even walk away with one right there and then.

Even though the Nexus Player hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm, the news that it is now available to buy from more retailers has to be good news not just for customers, but also for Google itself. If Android TV devices are to take off then buy-in by retailers is very much a must and if the Google hardware does well at retail, third parties are more likely to jump in too.


Right now, those living in the United States can buy a Nexus Player from Amazon and Newegg alongside the in-store Best Buy option. Interestingly, Best Buy isn’t currently allowing customers to buy the Nexus Player online and instead is only offering in-store pickup, while the only sellers on Amazon appear to be third-parties who are selling it at a considerably higher price than the $99.99 it’s available for elsewhere. We wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon got its own stock sooner or later, but until then we’d probably recommend steering clear and choosing one of the other options.


Both Best Buy and Newegg are also selling the $40 ASUS Bluetooth gamepad which you will need if you want to play games on your shiny new Nexus Player. It’s not cheap, but then if you want to get the full Google Nexus Player experience then you’re just going to have to pony up, unfortunately.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.18.05 AM

With competition due to come from companies like Razer in the not too distant future, it might be worth saving your money for now anyway. You never know what does third-party manufacturers might come up with once the dust starts to settle.

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