Google & KitKat – Four Fingers, Two Videos And One Nexus 5 Leak

It’s been a pretty big day for Google. It all kicked off when the Android maker announced via Google+ that the next version of Android would be called Android 4.4 KitKat. The first time that a brand name has been used for one of Google’s famous sweet inspired version names, KitKat is more than just a title.

As the day has progressed it has become clear that Google and KitKat have entered into a partnership that will help the confectionary brand as much as it will Google with special limited edition chocolates being sold giving buyers the chance to win Google Play credit or a shiny new Nexus 7. Is this the start of a new era in product branding?


But things haven’t stopped there. KitKat has since posted a video, and it’s a doozy.

Extolling the virtues of ‘KitKat 4.4,’ the ad does what is fast becoming the norm for anyone that isn’t Apple – it pokes fun at the iPhone maker.

Following the now infamous video techniques of the boys and girls from Cupertino, KitKat even got their own British man to take the place of Jony Ive, and if we’re honest he does a pretty good job of it. The impostor explains how KitKats work perfectly in both landscape and portrait as well as many other Apple-isms. It’s probably the best spoof ad we’ve seen, so top marks to KitKat for that, even if the idea of cloning Apple ads is getting a little long in the tooth at this point.

The video releases didn’t stop there though, and the second to appear is rather more important. This time Google wanted to show off its new KitKat-shaped figure that has been installed outside the search giant’s offices. Every time a big new release of Android comes along, a new figure comes with it. This time though, Google looks like it may have slipped up.

Towards the end of the short video, which involves lots of Googlers looking far too excited about a large KitKat-shaped model, one person is seen taking a photo of the object. While that’s nothing to write home about, it’s the phone that he is using that has caught everyone’s attention.

Nexus 5 leak

With a ‘Nexus’ logo running vertically down the middle of the device’s rear and a larger camera lens than we have previously seen on a Nexus device, the internet is abuzz with the suggestion that Google has accidentally leaked its own Nexus 5 device.

Assuming Google didn’t do it on purpose – and we wouldn’t be surprised either way – this could be rather embarrassing for the company. Still, at this point it can’t be too long before the new Nexus handset is announced, and with Apple announcing its new iPhones next week, Google has done a stellar job of stealing the news cycle on the same day that Apple sent out invites for its September 10th iPhone event.

Let the battle commence!

(image credit: BBC)

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