Samsung Explains Why The Galaxy S5 Display Is So Wonderful

Even though the initial announcement of the Galaxy S5 divided opinion among consumers and commentators alike, Samsung’s new flagship appears to have settled rather well into the market. As well as reports of strong early sales in the twelve days since the handset first hit stores, reviews have generally been favorable, with one of the device’s strong points being the full HD Super AMOLED display. But why is the new panel so great? Samsung has published a detailed blog post – complete with animated .gifs – explaining just what makes the new display so darned good.

The Samsung Tomorrow blog is one of the main outlets through which the Korean outfit interacts with consumers, and having recently offered an insight into ten features that Galaxy S5 users mightn’t have been aware of, the company is back with a full-on explanation of the key features that set the device’s display apart from anything else in the game right now.

GS5 display

When shopping for a new smartphone, we, as consumers, are often misled about technical specs. Where we see a 20-megapixel camera as, by default, superior to a 16-megapixel offering, we also tend to look at displays in terms of resolution and pixels-per-inch, ignoring the various other aspects that complete the general viewing experience.

The Galaxy S5, with its 1080p full HD fare, looks good on paper, but as well as impressing in theory, also delivers the goods in reality. With superior viewing angles, less glare, better color realization, faster response time, the Adapt Display technology is far from a gimmick, and even when the temperature begins to fluctuate, the Galaxy S5’s display can still perform at optimum level.

Galaxy S5

We only just published our own video review of the Samsung Galaxy S5 here at Redmond Pie, and were particularly impressed with the display’s general performance. Having had some alone time with the Sony Xperia Z2 at the Mobile World Congress, it is clear that Samsung isn’t the only company looking to up the ante as far as the display is concerned, but the consensus seems to be that the S5 is the strongest in this particular field right now.

Samsung certainly seems to think so, and the grand tour of the display can be viewed at the source link.

(Source: SamsungTomorrow)

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