Galaxy Note 8 Freezing Issue: Here’s What You Need To Know

As manufacturers look to push the boundaries of what is possible with their consumer-facing hardware, we are inevitably going to be faced with ongoing situations where additional problems arise and more issues are faced by those who purchase the hardware. More features and more complex functionality ultimately means more problems to overcome.

Some of which will slip through the net, as proved by various posts on Samsung’s forum communities as Galaxy Note 8 owners complain of device freezing issues and other niggling problems.

A growing number of Galaxy Note 8 owners have been taking to various forums to not only complain that they are having issues with their Note 8 freezing up when in normal use and performing very normal tasks, but to also try and see if this problem is widespread and if there is any easy or known solution to it. Interestingly, a number of those reporting the problems are suggesting that it happens at various times when various different tasks are being performed on the hardware.

A lot of the posts suggest that the freezing issue occurs when the Galaxy Note 8 is performing various tasks associated with the Contacts app installed on the device. This could be simply viewing contacts stored, invoking a call from within the Contacts app, or even editing the content within an already saved contact.

Regardless of the actual action, it seems that the device has the potential of getting stuck in a nasty freezing situation where the only rectification is to wait for the battery to drain out before it can be charged, perform a hard reboot, or leave it and hope that the incident passes and the device become usable again.

One of the interesting aspects of this issue is that it’s actually being reported across Galaxy Note 8 owners in Europe and the United States, meaning that it’s not specifically related to one carrier or region. Also, it’s not affecting all devices which will likely make the issue even more difficult to troubleshoot and to pinpoint the exact cause. Samsung is yet to acknowledge or respond to the reports but it will be very interesting to see what kind of resolution can be put in place to put this issue right for the globally affected Note 8 owners.

(Source: Samsung Community Forums)

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