How To Fix Snapchat And Camera App After iOS 11 Jailbreak With Electra

Here’s how to fix camera going black in Snapchat, and stock Camera app issue, after Electra iOS 11 jailbreak.

Jailbreaking is undeniably fun but it can also be a minefield. Even when a jailbreak, or any tweaks, are deemed to be stable, it’s highly possible that you can find yourself in a situation where your device crashes or where certain aspects don’t work.

If you are having issues with the stock Camera app or Snapchat camera post-jailbreaking with Electra, then you can look at the steps below to resolve that.

Fix Snapchat Camera Issue

Step 1: First of all, you will have Anemone installed on the device with themes downloaded, installed, and activated. After all, that’s probably why you have the problem with the Snapchat camera.

Step 2: Using a file explorer app like Filza File Manager, navigate to /Library/Themes and compress all of the contents of that folder into one ZIP file.

Step 3: Head to Cydia and wait for all packages to refresh. Manage your tweaks and uninstall Anemone from the device. This step may actually cause all of your installed themes to be deleted, hence why we took a ZIP of the contents above. If it does, head to /Library/Themes once again and uncompress the ZIP file into that directory.

Step 4: Using a computer, head over to and download the Electra B11-3 release. Extract the associated IPA file from the download and then navigate into Electra b11-3\Payload\

Step 5: Extract the tweaksupport.tar file and then head to the \Library\SBInject folder of that file and copy all of the Anemone files.

Step 6: Now, back on your iPhone, navigate to /usr/lib/TweakInject/ and copy all of those Anemone files into that directory on the device. Respring the device.

Step 7: Now, back on the computer, head into Electra b11-3\Payload\\anemoneapp and drag the final file into the following directory on your iPhone: /Applications

Step 8: Now, on the device, using Filza, change the local permission for the file to 0775. You will also need to head into directory and find the Anemone file. Once again, change these permissions to 0775. Run uicache and repsring the device to complete the process.

Fix Stock Camera App Freezing Issue

Step 1: This fix is one the simplest that you will ever find. If you are experiencing the issue, and you have EclipseX installed on your device in order to bring a beautiful dark mode, simply head into Cydia and remove that tweak from your device.

Step 2: Respring the iPhone and you should be good to go.

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