Duke Nukem Forever Lands On The Mac, Now Available For Download

Do you own a Mac and trying to figure out what all the fuss around the new Duke Nukem Forever game is about? As promised, the game is now available for the Mac, and it didn’t take 15 years to be released this time around.

Duke Nukem Mac

If you consider yourself a gamer, or even a technology enthusiast, you’re likely familiar with Duke Nukem Forever, the game title that came close to never being released, until it finally was back in June, after changing hands after 3DRealms, its original developer, made massive layoffs following multiple delays over more than one decade. Successor to a previous title, Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem Forever has been in development since 1996, yet it took 15 years for it to be completely finalized. The game depicts Duke, the title’s main character, as he fights an alien invasion in order to “save the world”.

The new Mac release is available on both Steam, Aspyr’s own website for $39.99, or, as a bonus, you can get it for $5 off from MacUpdate along with a full copy of Jets’n’Guns Gold totally free of charge, but be warned, the offer expires in just a few hours, as of the time of this writing. Although we haven’t personally played around with the Mac version of the game, we expect it will look and feel similar to the PC version. Sadly, there’s no word on when the title will be reaching the official Mac App Store, perhaps it never will, or it might just will, if we’re that lucky.

Despite the fanfare, we must warn prospective buyers that Duke Nukem forever has received fairly lousy reviews since it many believed it was “too little, too late”. While the title is what it has been advertised as, many believe that the graphics and the game engine are just not up to par with the games of today, which is no surprise given how long the game has been in development. Yet, if you happen to have $40 lying around, Duke Nukem Forever is a piece of gaming culture every gamer should try out.

This marks the second well-known title to have reached the OS X. Earlier this week, the decade-old Grand Theft Auto III reached the Mac App Store, continuing the trend major game developers have been following of developing more titles for the Mac. Just like Duke Nukem, GTA III is an exciting piece of gaming history everyone should try out.

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