Apple Explains Why 8GB Of RAM Is Enough In The New MacBook Air

As Apple comes under increasing pressure regarding its refusal to put at least 16GB of RAM into a modern Mac, the company has sent two executives to defend the decision.

Specifically discussing the M3 MacBook Air, the pair argued that 8GB is plenty for what the majority of people are likely to use such machines for.

Speaking to IT Home, Mac marketing team member Evan Buyze said that 8GB is plenty for doing things like light video editing, browsing the web, and even playing some games.

We know that the starting memory and storage of the MacBook Air this time are still 8GB+256GB, and this combination does not seem to be very friendly in terms of cost performance, long-term use and office experience. In this regard, Evan Buyze, a Mac product marketing team, said that 8GB of memory actually has many suitable tasks, such as browsing the web on the Internet, doing some streaming media playback, or sending lightweight editing of messages, photos and videos, including some leisure and entertainment games, running productivity. For closed apps, etc., 8GB is a very suitable memory choice for these user scenarios.

One of the reasons that these modern Macs don’t need so much RAM, we’re told, is that Apple’s custom-designed chips are so capable that globs of RAM just aren’t required. Kate Bergeron, Apple’s VP of hardware engineering, also noted that Apple’s chips are particularly suited to AI tasks, too.

Kate Bergeron further explained that the CPU, GPU, unified memory and neural network engine of M series chips actually create a platform that is perfect for AI PC. With its support, Mac will also become a very suitable for handling AI. The platform of work has laid a good foundation for Apple’s future AI.

Apple is expected to announce a new macOS 15 software update in June with the update likely to heavily focus on AI capabilities. The iOS 18 software update is expected to do much the same for the iPhone, too.

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