Concept Envisions Mac / iPad Hybrid With Foldable Screen [Video]

Foldable phones are everywhere in the news right now, from the likes of Huawei announcing their own products to Samsung postponing theirs. Apple is yet to enter the fray, and we don’t expect it to do that for a while, but that isn’t stopping the concept creators from getting busy.

One concept that is catching the eye of everyone right now comes from the folks at Luna Display, and unlike most, it isn’t an iPhone. Instead, it’s an iPad and Mac concept, and it’s pretty awesome.

The hybrid computer is part Mac, part iPad, and we’re absolutely here for it. We want it. And we don’t care what it costs.

So where is Apple in all of this? It doesn’t look like they have plans to launch anything like this in 2019. But that hasn’t stopped us from dreaming! We took matters into our own hands and mocked up some foldable-fantasies

And “fantasies” is most definitely the word here, because we can’t imagine this being something on the horizon any time soon. In fact, of this concept, the only thing we can imagine even remotely close to making an appearance in reality is touch-based Mac input, albeit without the Apple Pencil support mentioned here.

Our concept design pushes the Mac and iPad to new boundaries. By enabling touch and Apple Pencil interactions on the display, we’ve created new opportunities for creative workflows that would otherwise be limited by a mouse and keyboard, such as photo retouching or freehand illustration.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll watch Luna Display’s short video, sit back, and let out a little sob that this isn’t going to come any time soon.

(Source: Luna Display [YouTube])

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