Backup Your Instagram and Social Network Feeds With SocialSafe

We all live our lives online. Be it Facebook, Twitter or any of the myriad other social networks, the chances are that you have plenty of online presence strewn across a variety of networks. Throw the recent Facebook acquisition, Instagram, in there as well, and there’s plenty of photos, comments and the like to be taken into consideration, too.

Unfortunately, all this data is being kept on many different networks across various data centers which in turn, are all over the world. If you want to get something back, or heaven forbid one of our favorite networks closes its doors, then everything is potentially lost forever.


SocialSafe aims to prevent any data loss by giving users a handy way to access and backup all their social network data from one application. Available for both Mac and PC, this $6.99 app takes some of the worry out of wondering where all your status updates, images and comments will be when networks go down or, more worryingly, disappear completely.

The purchase of Instagram by Facebook has led to many wanting to get their photos out of the social network, whether through a renewed sense of wishing to back everything up, or a fear of Facebook and what it will do with Instagram going forward. The latest version of SocialSafe takes that into account, adding Instagram support to an app that was already bristling with features and networks.

Setting SocialSafe up initially is a simple case of telling it which networks to back up, and then signing into them. None of your personal data or logins are ever seen by SocialSafe, and everything is handled by the network itself. It’s just like signing into a new Twitter app, so nice and secure.

Once everything is signed in, backed up data can be searched or viewed in a ‘journal’ which gives easy access to just about everything you could want. For example, that new Instagram support also backs up all the likes and comments that your super awesome photos have received. Pretty impressive, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Screen Shot 2012-04-28 at 21.30.45

If you are the kind of person that likes to keep everything backed up just in case the worst happens, and your social media presence is included in that, then the $6.99 asking price is a small one to pay for peace of mind. Even if you just want to have instant access to your profiles and in particular, images, then we suggest you give SocialSafe the once over. We’re sure you’ll like it.

Simply head over to this link to get started.

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