Axis For iPhone Is An Extremely Polished Method Of Launching Apps From The Lock Screen

Tweaks that make it easier and quicker to launch apps from the iOS lock screen seem to be something of a booming sector at the moment. Cydia has seen more than a few new tweaks that add new ways to quickly launch apps from the lock screen, often by replacing the stock ‘Slide to Unlock’ method of getting into a device.

Whilst tweaks like JellyLock and Atom are proving hugely popular amongst jailbreakers currently, that hasn’t stopped development continuing on an untold number of alternatives. One of those alternatives goes by the name of Axis, and it’s created by A3Tweaks.

iOS Screenshot 20130513-220211 03

If the name rings a bell, it’s because A3Tweaks are the people behind Auxo, the tweak that changes the way the multitasking tray works in iOS. That should give you an idea of the polish that Axis features, and it certainly has that by the spade load.

So what makes Axis different to all the others?

Well, if you looked at an iPhone with Axis installed then you probably wouldn’t know it, because nothing has changed on the face of it. Tapping and holding on the camera grabber though, is where the magic begins to happen. Now you’ll see a new row of icons appear. Dragging your finger across to the icon of choice and then flicking up will cause that icon to launch the app it’s associated with. In one fluid gesture, you’ve launched your app. As an aside, Axis has its own PIN entry system, too, so if you’ve got a PIN set up currently then you don’t need to worry about the security of your data. Axis does not offer a back door to your apps for any would-be data thief.

iOS Screenshot 20130513-220035 01

Axis features tons of icons which have been individually drawn for each supported app, meaning everything looks gorgeous. Axis is one of those tweaks that could easily have always been there, it certainly doesn’t feel tacked on like some jailbreak tweaks can.

We really like the look of Axis, and it’s just landed in Cydia for the price of $0.99 – we’re sure you’ll be happy to pay it so as to reward the developer for all their hard work.

iOS Screenshot 20130513-220122 02

We know we are.

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