Apple Watch Series 5 Users Complaining About Inconsistent Battery Levels And Shutdowns

Some owners of Apple Watch Series 5 wearables are complaining of newfound issues with regard to poor battery life and seemingly random shutdowns. Multiple people have taken to online forms to vent their anger at the problem, with some noting that their watch shuts down with seemingly 50% of its battery remaining.

As MacRumors has spotted, it seems that battery levels are being grossly misreported before the watch ultimately powers off. Whether the battery is actually depleted or the watch just thinks it is, we don’t yet know.

Prior to a recent update, my watch had been accurate in reporting its battery level. It’s hard to say which recent update MAY have created the issue, or if it’s a result of something different, but I’m currently running watchOS 6.2.8. For the past few weeks, my watch has been reporting at or near 100% battery levels for the duration of the day – 5-6 hours at least. It will then drop down to around 53% and then abruptly shut off. Once restarted, it reports a battery level of 53% but will then shut down again if not placed on a charger.

The Apple Watch Series 5 was dogged by reports of poor battery life when it launched towards the end of last year, but software updates seemed to have rectified things for the majority of people – although some continued to have issues.

Now, however, users are reporting even worse problems. It doesn’t appear to be limited to particular models, either – all Apple Watch Series 5 seem to be affected equally.

One user has went on to talk about his experience in quite detail over at Apple Support communities.

I am having the following problem with my Series 5 Apple Watch, purchased four months ago:

1. After a full charge, the battery charge indicator remains stuck at 100% for approximately 4-9 hours.

2. The battery charge indicator then begins to decrease.

3. When the battery charge indicator reaches approximately 15-33%, the watch powers down suddenly, with no low battery warning (which should be given at 10%).

How’s your Apple Watch Series 5 holding up? Let us know in the comments below.

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