Apple Watch Saved Another Life After Spotting A Brazilian’s Heart Problem

We’ve already heard of tons of examples of an Apple Watch potentially having saved someone’s life. Whether it spotted a heart defect using its sensors or allowed someone to call for emergency services, the Apple Watch has been a huge deal for lots and lots of people. And now we can add a Brazilian man to the list after his Apple Watch spotted a problem and notified him.

According to a Facebook posting, Jorge Freire Jr. was returning home when his Apple Watch warned him that he had an elevated heart rate. We now know that it was a rhythm disorder called tachycardia – and it could have been fatal.

I was coming back from São Paulo when my Apple Watch started buzzing. I check the message, which read “Your heart beat is above 140 for over 10 minutes” or something.

When I checked the Heart Rate app, the surprise: 170 BPM. As I was just taking a walk, there was no way my heart beat would be that high.

I went home and laid down for half an hour to see if my heart beat would go back to normal. It stabilized at 160 BPM, I was having tachycardia.

I ran to the ER. When I showed my heart beat on the Watch to hospital staff, they immediately sent me in to be checked. My blood pressure was super high and I was indeed having tachycardia. That little watch was 100% correct

The interesting thing about this heart disorder is that it can go for a long time and not cause any symptoms, leaving the sufferer with no idea that it’s an issue. Now, Freire is able to continue with his life after his doctor treated the condition.

Jumping to the end of the story: after doing all of the exams, there was no sign of a heart attack. The doctor prescribed some medication to lower my heart rate and I’ve been fine since then. I have a series of tests I’ll have to do to check what could’ve gone wrong. Doctors believe it was probably the stress of the end of the year, anxiety and my stubbornness of not taking my high blood pressure medication correctly.

I can say the Apple Watch saved me. I wasn’t feeling a thing and could’ve spent hours with that tachycardia, which could’ve resulted in you know what…

Because of this episode, I highly recommend everyone the use of this gadget. It could mean the difference between life or death. No kidding. And that’s considering the ECG function hasn’t been released in Brazil yet, I hope it comes soon.

I want to thank both the doctors and Apple.

We do love a happy ending!

(Via: 9to5Mac)

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