Apple Still Hasn’t Finalized The Design Of The Next iPhone; October Release Remains Likely

According to reports, while the next-generation iPhone is still slated for an October release, Apple are still deciding on design specifics and are yet to finalize anything. So, the giant-screened aluminum monstrosity that is the wet dream of most iPhone concept artists is not a guarantee. As iMore notes, Apple unsurprisingly – they are a highly design-oriented company after all – extensively prototypes all future devices that they plan on releasing.

Thus, they probably do have multiple screen sizes in their secret labs, largely for research and development purposes. However, iMore thinks that if they do up the screen size of the next-generation iPhone, it will be no larger than 4 inches. I doubt that Apple will raise the screen size at all, however; I’m pretty sure that throughout the entire lifespan of the device, they have tried a wide array of screen sizes internally. But, for many reasons, they decided on the 3.5" screen size as this brilliant Dustin Curtis elaborated on succinctly in his post. There’s also nothing to indicate that there will be a change in aspect ratio, so perhaps the rumored 16:9 aspect ratio will also be something that never sees the light of day.


The iPhone will also be retaining the home button (as we previously reported on), and that smaller dock connector that we reported on as well is also slated for the next-generation iPhone. The next iPhone is also believed to come with an LTE radio, and a larger battery to provide more juice to the device as well. And, while we’re on the note of realistic expectations, I think that we can also expect graphics/CPU performance improvements, as well as an improved camera.


But interestingly enough, the rumor that they haven’t already finalized the design of the device contradicts with the rumor that production of the next iPhone has already started. Or, perhaps they are producing only the components to the device which have already been confirmed?

To conclude this post, while we’re on the note of unlikely rumors, I also highly doubt that a 7" iPad – which was also mentioned in iMore’s post – will see the light of day. I think that the lower-cost iPad will continue to be the previous-generation device, which is already quite well priced as it stands. I don’t think that we’ll be seeing a mini iPad anytime soon.

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