Apple Shows Off iPhone 11 Pro Durability And Triple Camera System In New Videos

Apple has released two new commercials specifically promoting its brand new iPhone 11 Pro. The first bizarrely focuses on how much abuse iPhone 11 Pro can take from an array of random items, with the second showcasing the capability of the iPhone 11 Pro’s flagship feature; its triple-lens camera system.

It makes perfect sense that Apple is pulling together commercials which are designed to showcase the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera system.

Even before iPhone 11 Pro was officially introduced at last weeks “By Innovation Only” event all of our attention was being lavished on the fact that it was going to come with a unique and industry-leading triple-lens camera system. One of the two newly released commercials focuses specifically on the fact and features a rather gorgeous dog sitting within a wind chamber getting snapped using the device’s various camera modes.

If potential iPhone 11 Pro owners take anything away from this advert, it should be that the new Night Mode on iPhone 11 Pro will be a game-changer, providing, of course, that real-world results match what is being shown in the video. Oh, and an ancillary takeaway should be that if elegant dogs are extremely photogenic and an excellent way of maximizing the device’s capabilities.

The accompanying ad is a little more bizarre and doesn’t really focus on one specific iPhone 11 Pro feature. Instead, it shows off how tough Apple thinks iPhone 11 Pro is by having random items thrown aggressively at it, such as a wedding cake, lettuce, ice cubes, hairbrushes, various food items, and even an array of children’s toys. Of course, as you’d expect from a commercial coming out of Apple’s marketing machine, none of those items leaves even the smallest scratch, blemish, or imperfection on the iPhone 11 Pro.

So, what can we take from these ads? Well, like any marketing effort, they need to be taken with a pinch of salt and an understanding that real-world results will vary. But, if you have overzealous children who may cover your iPhone 11 Pro in food and pepper it with their toys, then you should be able to allow it to happen safely in the knowledge that your device will face up to the challenge. Check out the new Apple creations for yourself and see what you think.

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