Apple Adds Maroon 5’s Song ‘Memories’ To Photos App For Slide Show Creation

A unique and interesting commercial collaboration between Apple and Maroon 5 will allow Apple to use the band’s new song ‘Memories’ in its native Photos app. iPhone and iPad owners will be able to overlay the track in slide show creations created on iOS 13 and iPadOS.

For those who haven’t used the feature, Apple’s Photo app allows a user to invoke the process to intelligently create a gorgeous slideshow based on a collection of photographs on the device.

These photographs could be grouped by a specific point in time, an event, such as Christmas or Easter, or even just by a location. Once those photographs have been chosen, it’s then possible to overlay a track over the top of the slideshow to fit a specific mood or genre. With this collaboration, Maroon 5’a ‘Memories’ will be available to choose as that overlaid track.

The intricacies of the commercial deal haven’t been announced – and likely never will be – but iPhone and iPad owners will only be able to choose the track for a limited period of time before it is removed. There has been no time limit announced as yet but that would suggest that the agreement reached between Apple and Maroon 5’s publishers is a time-limited one. Once the ‘Memories’ track has been removed, any slideshows created and saved with that track would still have the song overlaid and the slideshow would be still intact.

The ability to use the ‘Memories’ song when it is available will be limited to those devices running iOS 13 on iPhone and the new iPadOS installation for iPad. Any devices running a lower firmware version will not have access to the Maroon 5 track.

Of course, no commercial deal would be complete without the band itself showing exactly how the feature works. To promote the functionality Maroon 5 has created its own “made with Memories” video which is currently accessible via Apple’s streaming Music platform. If that doesn’t inspire you to start creating your own memories via the native Photos app, then we don’t know what will.

If you had the choice of any song in the world to have available ion this capacity, what would you choose?

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