Anonymous To Launch A New Social Network After Getting Banned From Google+

Anonymous, a well-known hacktivist group, is creating a new social network after its official account on Google+ was abruptly banned for violating Google’s policies. According to the group, the new social network won’t be censored or moderated at all.

Anonymous Logo

In an official blog post, a spokesman for Anonymous made a threat of an “operation against Google”, which judging by previous incidents means an organized attack, and introduced a new social network known as Anon+ (can you see a pattern there?).

Not only did a few people organized an Operation ageist Google+, but we have started to build our own Social Network.

Anonymous Google+

While Google’s services haven’t been attacked as of yet, that we know of, the official site for Anon+ has already been set up with news on the project’s progress. So far, no public announcements have been made other than the social network’s official development team, currently comprised of 18 individuals, as well as a link to a “development forum” (which is inaccessible for us). On the home page, Anonymous promises a a website free from all sorts of moderation or “censorship”, aimed at those who “simply want a better internet”.

The new social network is targeted for all internet users, “not just hackers”, which suggests that the group might be aiming to compete with other major social networks like Facebook and Google+. While it’s unlikely that such a small site will ever pick up a large user base, those loyal to the group’s causes will surely find a home in Anon+.


Anonymous has, since its inception, been a hacking group vigorously dedicated to political causes. While it has held several peaceful protests, it’s also known for hacking websites and disrupting computer infrastructures it deems harmful. This gang is particularly known for defending Wikileaks for releasing secret data from government websites and attacking Sony for preventing its console for being jailbroken.

Opinions about the group are also split. While most believe that members of Anonymous should be jailed for the damage they have cause, some people believe that the group plays a crucial role at making information open and institutions transparent. The latter hasn’t been the opinion of authorities, which have arrested several members of the group for cybercrime.

There’s no indication on when Anon+ will become available, but as we’ve seen with other largely unmoderated sites, anything can happen.

(via Wired UK)

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