Angry Birds Is Coming To Facebook On Valentine’s Day

Angry Birds is already available for just about every platform under the sun, be that iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 or Google Chrome, but that apparently isn’t enough for those fluffy little birdies.

Now the bird and pig war will be coming to a social network near you as well, with Facebook set to be the latest platform for Rovio’s hugely popular game.

Those who need their Angry Birds fix but don’t have immediate access to one of the millions of other devices that support it, can hop on over to Facebook from Valentines Day onwards, with February 14th being both the day of love and the day of avian war at the same time!


The game’s creators, Rovio, are currently keeping their cards very much lose to their chest, but what we do know is that the pigs will be more heavily involved in the game this time around. We don’t quite know how Rovio plans on making that work, but were sure it will be super popular regardless.

We’re also looking forward to seeing what kinds of social features Rovio will be bringing to Angry Birds. With Facebook underpinning the whole thing we’re hoping to see some sort of social interaction the likes of which just are not possible on other platforms. We’ll see come February 14th, no doubt.

Angry Birds

Rovio CEO Mikael Hed has already said that the game will feature new aspects and a more collaborative feel to it, which will be music to the ears of those who have already played Angry Birds to death over the last year or so. Rovio will need to come up with something other than just being able to check on your friends’ high scores if Angry Birds for Facebook is to be as big of a success as its predecessors have been.

Facebook gaming is already big business, with Zynga making plenty of money already creating games that live on Facebook’s social platform. It was surely only a matter of time before Rovio brought those Angry Birds to the party too, but we can’t help but feel disappointed to see our beloved pigs move on over to Facebook.

So long little piggies. It’s been a blast!

(via Mashable) (source Facebook)

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