Airlines Push for iPad As In-Cockpit Paperless Flight Aids

You know iPad has been to places you probably never thought of. It has been used by medical students, soldiers in military, by directors in Hollywood, in restaurants as menu cards, as inflight entertainment system, installed in cars as navigation system and now finally iPads are in cockpits too.

Apple’s iPad has recently been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to be used to display navigational charts, a step which may put an end to the old school paper maps and navigational charts. Starting with a test project at Executive Jet Management, this may eventually change the way navigation is done traditionally. Although for now only the approved unit of Warren Buffett’s NetJets can use iPads in the cockpits for navigations, but the doors are open for all other commercial flying entities which can apply to seek authorization.

For now, most of the proud owners are using the iPad as a personal device but with developments like these, Apple will eventually be able to hit the commercial buyers which may help Apple raise the sales by 50 percent.

There are advantages of using iPads over traditional charts like they can provide better luminosity but at the end of the day paper never malfunctions or runs out of battery.

(Thanks Sam Nunn, via BloomBerg)

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