A New Virtual Hackintosh Shows What macOS Would Look Like On An iPad

Hackintoshes are nothing new and people have been running macOS on non-Mac hardware for a long time. But virtual Hackintoshes are a new breed, with macOS running in a virtual machine.

That’s all the rage right now and it’s the reason we’re now looking at someone running macOS on an iPad.

YouTuber Yevgen Yakovliev has published a long 40-minute video that shows macOS Catalina running on an iPad Pro. The UTM app is what’s being used to get the Hackintosh up and running via a method that’s available on GitHub called OSX-KVM. As interesting as that is, the creator of the method is already talking about making this all run on cloud-based machines, like AWS. That being said, the questionable legality might still be an issue.

Kholia, the person behind OSX-KVM, had the following to say about legality.

The “secret” Apple OSK string is widely available on the Internet. It is also included in a public court document available here. I am not a lawyer but it seems that Apple’s attempt(s) to get the OSK string treated as a trade secret did not work out. Due to these reasons, the OSK string is freely included in this repository.

Please review the ‘Legality of Hackintoshing’ documentation bits from Dortania’s OpenCore Install Guide.

Gabriel Somlo also has some thoughts on the legal aspects involved in running macOS under QEMU/KVM.

You may also find this ‘Announcing Amazon EC2 Mac instances for macOS’ article interesting.

It’s worth noting that this doesn’t seem to be ready to support macOS Big Sur, although that’s likely to happen at some point. For now, it’s macOS Catalina or nothing.

Have you given this a try, or will you? Let us know how you got on in the comments.

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