95% Of Chinese Users Say They Will Ditch Their iPhones If WeChat Is Banned

With the Trump administration wanting to ban US companies from doing business with WeChat and some other Chinese apps, many people are wondering where that would leave people with iPhones.

Android users can sideload apps when they need to, but that isn’t the case with the iPhone.

In a new report, a massive 95% of Chinese iPhone users say they would leave the platform in favor or WeChat.

While it’s currently unknown whether a ban would impact the Chinese App Store or just the one in the United States, the loss of WeChat in China could be catastrophic for Apple. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple isn’t the only one concerned – more than a dozen companies have voiced their concerns with the White House.

“For those who don’t live in China, they don’t understand how vast the implications are if American companies aren’t allowed to use it,” said Craig Allen, president of the U.S.-China Business Council. “They are going to be held at a severe disadvantage to every competitor,” he added.

The 95% number was noted by Bloomberg who also pointed out that 1.2 million people responded to the survey via Weibo. 95% of those people is a whole lot, especially in a country that is considered to be vital to Apple.

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