6 Reasons Why You Should Not Install iOS 11 Today

Here are 6 big reasons why you should not install iOS 11 today on your compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device.

Are you currently sitting on the fence about whether or not you should upgrade to iOS 11? Have you heard wonderful things about Apple’s new revamped version of iOS 11 and are considering pushing the button on the download? Hold fire and check out a few reasons why you should maybe wait a little before downloading.

No iOS 11 Jailbreak: This one is really self-explanatory, but with iOS 11 being entirely brand new, there is no public-facing jailbreak, tethered, semi-tethered, or untethered, available for devices running iOS 11. In fact, there’s currently nothing available to public past iOS 10.2 from a jailbreak perspective.

You can keep abreast with the iOS 11 jailbreak status here: Jailbreak iOS 11 On iPhone And iPad [Status Update].

Potential iOS 10.3.2/10.3.3 Jailbreak: With iOS 11 out, a jailbreak for iOS 10.3.2 and 10.3.3 is a possibility now given Apple has patched many of the jailbreak vulnerabilities in iOS 11 which can now be used for public iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak. Don’t hold your breath for this one but iOS 10.3.x has better chance of seeing a public jailbreak, then say, iOS 11.

For up to date information on iOS 10.3.x jailbreak status, check here: Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 / 10.3.2 / 10.3.1 / 10.3 For iPhone And iPad [Latest Status Update].

No 32-bit App Compatibility: If you regularly use and rely on apps which haven’t been updated for a relatively long time then it could turn out that they don’t actually offer a 64-bit slice in the binary and are therefore not compatible with iOS 11. If you are currently on iOS 10 and want to use the built-in tool to check if your most used apps will suffer from this lack of compatibility, then you can do so by going to General > About > Applications.

Launch Day Niggles: This one is fairly self-explanatory. There may have been a fairly long beta process with a record-breaking amount of pre-release seeds being issued, but that doesn’t mean everything is going to go smoothly. In fact, given how many people are likely going to be trying to download iOS 11, there will likely be a bottleneck or decreased server speed from Apple, so actually getting it installed could be an issue on the launch day.

Bugs: It’s usually commonplace for companies like Apple to release iOS 11.0.1 almost immediately after the initial 11.0 release. This is because it quickly becomes apparent that the initial launch has gone to market with bugs in place, so a small point update is issued to rectify the most prominent ones. Sometimes it is worth waiting for this version to come out before getting involved.

If You’re Traveling: This is just general advice, but you should never really consider updating your device to a major version of iOS when traveling and relying on that single point of communication. The update could easily go wrong and could potentially leave you without access to calls, texts, or even mobile data.

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