4 Million Galaxy S4 Units Shipped By Samsung In Just 4 Days Of Release

Galaxy S4 certainly has its fair share of critics, but in terms of early sales, the latest and greatest flagship handset is a standalone record-breaker for makers Samsung. According to Korean news outlet, which has published the utterances of an unnamed Samsung executive, the company shipped an incredible four million Galaxy S4 handsets in just four days; far in excess of the early numbers of the Galaxy S III which, by comparison, took 21 days to ship just three million.

“As of the end of April, we supplied four million Galaxy S4 handsets to telecommunication operators around the world,” the executive said in a conversation, and although we’ll be waiting for official figures from a recognized, authoritative source before passing any major judgments, these figures look pretty darn impressive.


I must admit, I was fairly skeptical of the Galaxy S4 when it was first announced, and with many bemoaning the lack of any substantial change from the Galaxy S III, I thought the shipment numbers would perhaps plateau; equaling the initial figures of its predecessor.

The device itself looks strikingly similar to the S III, but features a larger display, faster processor, improved camera, and a plethora of intriguing Galaxy S4-only features. Many wondered if that was enough to entice the legions of Galaxy S fans back for another installment, but if these numbers prove reflective of what has actually occurred, the answer would appear to be a resounding yes.

Since this is a shipment count, it’s worth pointing out that the numbers take into consideration only the amount Samsung has sold to carriers and retailers rather than actual consumers, but nonetheless, demand on all fronts seems to be encouraging from Samsung’s point of view.

Things will become a lot clearer once it has been established how many units Samsung has actually shifted to the end-user, and will be a testament to whether consumers are as impressed with the device as the hoarding retailers and carriers appear to be.


It’s also worth considering that the iPhone 5 sold five million actual handsets in its first weekend alone, and since that particular total only accounts for devices in the hands of the consumer, Samsung is still a long way behind its biggest rival in terms of retailing the most sought-after handset in the market.

Now, with 4 million devices sold in April, and with 6 million devices sold till May 10th, is it safe to say that Samsung has a big success in their hands?

What do you think; classic case of company exec. seeking to overstate? Or is the Galaxy S4 really going to wipe the floor with its predecessors in terms of sales? Do share your thoughts below!

(Source: UnwiredView)

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