You Have Two Email Addresses On Gmail, Here’s How To Use This Feature

If you’re a user of Google’s very efficient, feature-rich Gmail service, you mightn’t know that, in actual fact, you have two different email addresses through which you can be reached. This ideal if, say, you wish to make two accounts for a specific site or service, but want all notifications and correspondence to be sent to the same inbox, and although many of you will already be aware of this little tip, it’s still a useful one to know.

Sure, you can easily cook up numerous aliases at your convenience through Gmail, but while your [name] email address is probably the one you use to share with clients, friends and relatives, you can also readily utilize the alternate, [name]

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As aforementioned, this is perfect if you wish to have more than one login on a particular site, since you can sign up twice – once using the domain and again using the To any site – except, of course, for Google – those are two completely separate emails, and yet, any content sent to either address will wind up in the same inbox or spam folder.

One other way you could utilize this feature is to separate, say, work-related emails from those of less importance. By using, for example, the email exclusively for work-related purposes, you could then set a Gmail filter for these messages to be dealt with in a particular manner, ensuring that important information doesn’t pass you by. By the same token, you could then use the address for everything else, creating a more organized environment through which to deal with the constant swathe of incoming email.

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Of course, you may long since have been aware of this little trick / feature, but if you hadn’t ever considered the second email that arrives as part of any Gmail account, now would be a good time to begin taking advantage.

The age-old solution to wanting more than one email address is, quite simply, to create more than one email account. But there’s no debating that with Gmail, you could have the best of both worlds in a much more convenient manner, and so if you are a Gmail user, be sure to keep this secondary email in mind next time you’re considering signing up for a whole new email account.

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