You Can Now Post Videos To Google+ As Your Status Update

Google today took the interesting step of adding a feature to one of its products which could well be to the detriment of another.


With the addition of a new video sharing feature to its growing social network, Google+, the search giant has potentially taken a bite out of YouTube’s functionality for many. YouTube is currently home to the vast majority of the independent video content we all watch daily.

The new feature allows Google+ users to share video updates with those who have them in their Circles, which is something that many people have been using YouTube for. If people no longer need to visit the video sharing site in order to post videos that an audience can watch, why would they make the effort?

Sharing a video update is as easy as clicking a button to ‘Record Video’ with the result being pushed right into a user’s Stream.

YouTube’s biggest advantage over Google+ is its monetization, but that is something that will only affect a small hardcore user base. Average users filming short messages or videos can, theoretically, now get by just using Google+ without having to worry about getting their YouTube content into the social network.


Google is slowly building Google+ into what the company will hope is a real Facebook competitor, though it still has some way to go if it wants to get all the ‘normals’ to make the switch. With the majority of Google+ users still in the tech industry or at the least tech enthusiasts, it may be some time before we see our families jump ship from Facebook to Google+.

Another recent addition to Google+ is the new meme creator, which allows users to upload new photos and then overlay custom text. The new feature will potentially lead to an infinite number of new cat and squirrel images finding their way into our streams – whether that is a good or bad thing depends on your views on such memes. At least they can’t be animated. Yet!

(via ReadWriteWeb)

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