You Can Now Buy Google Glass Directly From The Play Store

Google’s Project Glass has been in the works for years now, and since the initial dev roll-out back in 2013, generated quite a significant amount of interest in tech circles. First it was a closed beta available to selected creatives and developers, before eventually becoming an invitation-only enterprise. This year, the Explorer Edition relaxed the invitation system, making the face-worn gadget available in the UK and US to the masses, and now, finally, the head-mounted gadget is available at the Play Store with all of those lovely accessories to boot.

There has been an ongoing debate as to whether Google’s iconic face computer is indeed ready for the consumer side of the market, and while us geeks have been fascinated by the progress of Glass, it still seems more of a luxury purchase at this point. Added the fact that entities ranging from the NYPD to the Dubai Police force have been trialing its qualities in the fight against crime, and you’re looking at an exciting, innovative product that perhaps hasn’t yet found its place.


Still, you know things are about to get serious when a product takes pride of place on Google Play, but unfortunately for those hoping that a more public release would equate to a drop in price, it’s still incredibly costly.

A pair of Google Glasses will set you back a cool $1,500 – more than any high-end smartphone one could care to name – and although this does include a free pair of frames / shades as standard for the time being, it’s precious little consolation to anybody stumping up a small fortune.

Given that these have just been rolled out on the Play Store without much fanfare, it seems that this is not the long-awaited end user launch as such, but rather a means by which interested parties, i.e. Explorers, can pick up the device without incident.

Glass Play Store

There are a bunch of accessories alongside Glass, including earbuds, cases and other effects, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see whether this move prompts a spike in adoption rates. After all, Google Play is heavily frequented by Android users and general mobile device owners alike, and although your everyday consumer doesn’t necessarily have $1,500 to blow, it’ll no doubt increase the exposure of Glass beyond those who frequent tech blogs.

If you’re ready to buy a pair of Glass for yourself then simply head over to this link.

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