Google Glass v2 Unboxing And Quick Hands-On [Photo Gallery]

Google unveiled Glass v2 as part of its ongoing Explorer Program, which brings forward a few upgrades over the previous gen Glass hardware. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one here at Redmond Pie, and for your viewing / reading pleasure, we are going to unbox the whole package which we got from Google to give our readers a perspective of what they’ll get in the box when Glass eventually hits retail channels some time next year.

Before we even begin, keep in mind that Glass is currently not available via retail channels and you can only get your hands on one on an invite basis. Therefore, the unboxing you’re going to see below will be very different – or maybe not different at all – from what you’ll experience yourself once Glass hits retail. It’s highly likely that Google might throw in some extra surprises when Glass hits the consumer end, or might take the route of actually removing a few bits.

Without further ado, let’s get into the unboxing!

Once you get your hands on Glass XE v2, you’ll be met with two boxes. One contains the Glass unit itself along with its accessories and start up guide, and the second smaller box contains glass shades which you can latch on to Glass so you can wear it in sunlight. Here’s what the boxes look like:

Glass box

Glass packaging

Again, like I said, this is not a retail unit, this is v2 of XE (Explorer Edition) which comes with Earbuds and support for prescription lenses, therefore the box might look different when it goes into retail. The design of the packaging is probably the most minimalistic we’ve seen, which is a great thing in our books.

Glass packaging pose

Upon opening the larger box of the two, you are greeted with the Glass unit itself, nicely tucked inside its personal housing at the top. And we have to give credit to Google for making the packaging a treat to look at. The attention to detail and product layout is simply exquisite.

Glass front view

Glass top pose

As you can see from the image below, the product’s characteristics are carefully labeled, acquainting the user what each part of Glass does. Camera, the display itself etc.

Glass top view

That’s it for the Glass unit itself. Removing the top lid unveils the section of the box in which the accessories and goodies are placed. You get a really sleek looking (or rather sexy) pouch for carrying Glass around safely. You also get a standard Glass branded charging cable and power adapter, along with a mono earbud, which plugs right into the Glass unit. Furthermore, you get extra nose comforters, in case you lose the ones which are already put in place by Google onto the Glass unit. You also get some startup manuals, and the usual text jargon that you’d get with any electronic product.


Glass accessories

Glass nose accessory

Glass headset

Glass headset side view

Great attention to detail has been paid to the charger itself. The Glass branding really gives it a premium feel and a unique personality.

Glass charger

Glass charger 2

Remember the second box we mentioned which comes with glass shades? Let’s dive into that.

First and foremost, if you haven’t read the manual, latching the shades onto the Glass unit can prove to be a pain in the rear. But after a little toying around, we got them in place. And the results…

Glass shades 1

Glass shades

Glass shades 3

That’s it for the unboxing itself, but do keep in mind, the accessories that you get with Glass aren’t limited, Google is officially selling more goodies in case you you lose the ones that ship with the unit itself. With time, we’re certain that more manufacturers will jump on the boat and offer a wide range of cases, shades, headphones and whatnot to those who want to broaden the appeal of Glass.

For good measure, here are some extra shots of Glass to drool upon:

Glass rear view

Glass pouch case

Glass headset1

Glass side pose

Google Glass iPhone

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