Xiaomi Clones Apple’s Memoji With ‘Mimoji’

The thought of Xiaomi copying a feature or interface of Apple’s isn’t something new but sometimes even the audacity of the company takes us by surprised. Right now, it seems Xiaomi has its sights set on Apple’s Memoji, the customzable animated emoji that it introduced alongside the iPhone X in 2017.

In order to compete with Memoji, Xiaomi has launched its own version that, amazingly, is called Mimoji. The feature is almost identical to that offered by Apple with the company’s software using the new CC9’s front-facing camera to create Mimoji, as noted by Engadget.

The resulting Mimoji bear an uncanny resemblance to Apple’s Memoji, which shouldn’t be all that surprising given Xiaomi’s history of taking Apple’s work and riffing on it. Like Memoji, Mimoji allows users to add to their creation with accessories. Those accessories can include things like glasses and hats, for example.

This, of course, isn’t the first time that Xiaomi has dome something like this. The AirDots are wireless earphones that are very similar to AirPods in many ways and for years, the company’s phones ran customized versions of Android that looked very much like Apple’s iOS. None of this is hurting a company that finds itself growing despite facing recent issues relating to dealing with companies based in the United States.

Apple’s Memoji will be getting its own improvements when iOS 13 ships later this year with new hairstyles and other customizations being added. The software is currently available in beta form with a final public release expected to arrive towards the end of September.

(Source: Engadget)

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