Xbox One Features Remote Play Over Skype, Siri-like Talking Kinect

Microsoft it seems left interesting features and details out of its big Xbox One reveal earlier this week, and we’re not just talking about how the machine will handle all this used game palava. Microsoft’s been accused of leaving out some of the more intricate details of the Xbox One, but according to one report it would appear that it also left some pretty big features out of its announcement event, too.

According to people who apparently witnessed a demonstration that they probably shouldn’t be talking about, the Xbox One features a remote play feature that allows users to connect to a secondary console in order to help out during a game. The sources, speaking to Polygon, also said that they were shown a Skype call being used to enable communications between the two parties. The remote feature, again according to the source, can be used either over the internet using Xbox LIVE or via a direct connection between two Xbox One consoles.

Xbox One

The source also reiterated something Microsoft alluded to on Tuesday regarding the new, improved Kinect sensor. Assuming Microsoft’s plans pan out, we’ll eventually be able to have a conversation of sorts with Kinect in a similar way to how Apple’s Siri works on the iPad and iPhone. We’re told that we can expect this to become a reality sooner rather than later, with Microsoft reps apparently claiming that it will either be available at launch, or soon after.

Xbox One Kinect Sensor

That remote play whilst interesting is not exactly new. Sony’s already announced PlayStation 4 also features a similar feature, and that will be shipping around the same time as Microsoft’s offering. In the case of Sony’s game console though, the functionality will work both between PS4s and between a PS4 an a Vita. To some, that may be more compelling than the solution offered by Microsoft.

With E3 kicking off in a couple of weeks it’s a safe assumption that Microsoft will fill in some of the Xbox One gaps it left after its announcement event. We’re hoping for more information on that famous used games on Xbox One situation as well as details of more games – something lacking so far.

(source: Polygon)

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