WSJ: iPhone With Larger Display, iPad With 13-inch Display Being Tested By Apple

According to reports coming from executives within official supply chains, Apple is in the middle of testing large-form displays that could potentially be used as part of any future iPhone or iPad product refresh. The fresh reports are suggesting that the Cupertino based company has been working closely with Asian suppliers on a number of potential changes that could include the release of a significantly larger iPad model, or even an iPhone phablet.

It’s common knowledge that all companies involved in the hardware space are continuously working with their partners on a number of product variants, but today’s Wall Street Journal report is the first time that we have heard about the possible existence of an iPad that exceeds the traditional 9.7-inch screen size. Apple currently has iPads in the tablet space that are 9.7 and 7.9-inches in size, with the speculation suggesting that they are in the process of testing an iPad model with a display size of up to 13-inches.

iPhone 5 packaging

In regards to the iPhone, there has been a great deal of speculation in recent months about whether or not Apple will revamp the device aesthetics and launch a model with a display that exceeds that of the current-generation iPhone 5. The fruit company has been under increasing consumer and analyst pressure to compete with the likes of Samsung who are renowned for offering mammoth devices to their customer base. If the latest reports are accurate then the potential exists for an iPhone model that could measure anywhere from 4 to 5.7-inches diagonally.

From an internal testing and product evolution perspective it makes perfect sense for Apple to be sampling the experience that larger iPhone and iPads bring to the consumer. Competitors in the tablet and smartphone markets have proven time and time again that they are willing to push the boundaries of what has generally been accepted as the “norm” when it comes to device sizing. Although the testing of the larger products is likely to be accurate, it seems highly unlikely that a 13-inch iPad will ever make it into the hands of consumers.

With iOS 7 currently in mid-stages of testing, we can look forward to a hardware announcement later this year which should hopefully clear up some of the confusion and give us a better idea of Apple’s product roadmap for the coming year.

It was just a few days back when we heard that Apple might push the iPhone 5S release forward due to last minute bump in screen size.

(Source: WSJ)

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