Report: Apple Considering 5.7-inch Phablets For Next Year, Cheaper iPhone In Different Colors

Apple has stuck resolutely by its long standing philosophy with its iPhone range hitherto, and the iPhone 5’s slightly increased display size is about as radical as it has been thus far. But according to multiple sources of Reuters, the Cupertino company is exploring the possibility pushing display diameters up to 4.7 inches, with suggestions that an iPhone (or phablet) with a 5.7 inch screen is also part of the thought process. Should Apple decide to press on with the project, said devices would manifest themselves at some point next year, and with the same report also hinting at multiple color configurations and $99 starting price points for future iPhones, is Apple about to break away from old habits?

From the original iPhone in 2007 right through 2011’s release of the iPhone 4S, Apple maintained a display size of 3.5 inches, and while this sufficed for some, the number of users enticed by handsets pushing the 5-inch mark and beyond simply couldn’t be ignored. In the eyes of many, Apple caved to industry pressure by bumping the iPhone 5 up to 4 inches, but in typical fruit company fashion, kept the increase very conservative.

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Despite Apple seeming a little more open to change in recent times, what with Tim Cook noting that his company would potentially consider opening up the iOS API to allow developers to get into the guts of the mobile OS, the prospect of a 5.7-inch iPhone seems as ridiculous now as it ever did. A 4.7-inch model, which would be a rather substantial bump from the iPhone 5, seems a tad more realistic, and with so many consumers now going for the Lumias, Galaxies and HTCs of the world, one could even suggest that Apple’s hand is being forced.


iPhone 5S concept

The report also mentions the oft-discussed low-cost iPhone, which, as has been speculated for a while now, could come in an abundance of color configurations, 5 to 6 options, according to the report. Reuters states the cost as being at $99 and although it’s not explicitly stated whether this is in fact on or off contract, I think we can safely assume Apple wouldn’t sell a working smartphone unsubsidized for that kind of money.

Still, a 5.7-inch iPhone – can you see it? Considering that eclipses even the larger-than-life Galaxy Note II from Samsung, I highly doubt Apple will take things that far. It could, of course, happen one day, but with Apple famous for its drip-feeding of features and gradual updates, I think such a device will take a couple of years, if it is to arrive at all.

What do you think? Would Apple push the boundry and release a 5.7-inch iOS powered phablet?

(Source: Reuters)

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