Want to Wirelessly Sync your iPhone with iTunes? There will Soon be an App for that!

Wi-Fi Sync is an upcoming app for the iPhone which lets you sync your iPhone or iPod touch (and possibly iPad too) with iTunes over a Wi-Fi network like the Microsoft Zune. The concept of the app is great! Check out the video after the break.

Wi-Fi Sync

Apple just doesn’t approve such apps for some obvious reasons, the concept behind the app is really great, no doubt the developer (Greg) has put a lot of effort to it, but we’ll just follow Engadget’s words for now “We hope to be seeing you on Cydia at the very least” for the jailbroken iPhones that is.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could sync your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to iTunes without cables? Copy your media on the go without having to carry evil looking cables. Oh well, would’ve been nice if we see this on the App Store, ever!

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