10 Must Have Board Games for iPad

Gaming on the iPad’s 9.7-inches display is an awesome experience all together! With the unique touch experience and great titles, we can easily say that iPhone/iPad/iPod touches have blown other portable gaming platforms like the PSP and Nintendo to bits. Here’s a list of board games which we believe are a must-have for every iPad owner.

Monopoly – If you’re a frequent board gamer, then you for sure know about Monopoly. The game mimics the real thing beautifully on the iPad – thanks to iPad’s awesome display. The author of the game is Electronic Arts, that’s a really good hint to sum up how the game might be. Just brilliant and very entertaining! For a price of $2.99 it’s definitely worth it!


Download Monopoly for iPad.

Ludo – The all time favorite family board game has finally arrived on the iPad. The game really comes alive on the iPad and the best part is, that it is free! Up to 4 players can play with it on the iPad. We highly recommend this game if you’re on a camping trip or on a railroad trip. It really helps in killing time.


Download Ludo for iPad.

Scrabble – Electronic Arts Scrabble can hook you up to 4 players at once and you score points by forming words from individual letters. The game is great if you want to test your word skills and challenge others as well. The game has a price tag of $9.99, but it’s a good buy if you’ve been a scrabble fan for a long time. And the overall quality of the game does fit the bill.

ScrabbleDownload Scrabble for iPad

Shredder Chess for iPad – Shredder is an awesome looking chess game for the iPad. A great time pass if you’re a hardcore chess player. The game has a price tag of $7.99. With all the AI involved, we believe it’s a fair price if you’re a chess player.

ChessDownload Shredder Chess for iPad.

Checkers – This is probably the most simplest and to-the-point game on the iPad. It is really quick and addictive, up to 2 players can indulge in the game or you can play against the computer. The board itself looks close to the real life one due to its wooden texture.


Download Checkers for iPad.

Warships: Sea on Fire – Those of you who are familiar with the famous board game battleship in which players have to guess where the other player’s ships are and destroy them will love this one. Warships: Sea on Fire is a variant of battleships with a little cartoony graphics, and the game will surely get you hooked. The price tag of $2.99 is not that bad for such game.

Download Warships: Sea on Fire for iPad.

Snake Me! – A game of Snakes and ladders which can be played with up to 4 players. The game is like a race to reach the end first in which snakes hold you back and ladders take you closer to the end. For a price of $4.99, it’s a little too much.

SnakesDownload Snake Me! for iPad.

Domino Touch – An old and classical game in real life hits the iPad. The interface is easy to understand and play. For a price of $0.99 it’s almost free.

DominoDownload Domino Touch for iPad.

BoardBox – The best thing about BoardBox is that it has all the famous board games all in one place! Yup you heard that right. It’s a perfect companion for you and your friends if you don’t feel like switching between different board games. It contains games like Chess, Checkers and many others. There is also a multiplayer mode where you can play online with other players. For a price of $3.99, it is a highly recommended app!

BoardBoxDownload BoardBox for iPad.

Sudoku – Sudoku is probably the most famous board game of all time. The iPad version of Sodoku has brilliant interface, with intriguing gameplay that can keep you hooked for hours. For a price of $1.99, it’s a good buy for Sudoku fans.

Download Sodoku for iPad.

This is a list of board games which we believe are must have for every board game lover who owns an iPad. We’ll surely keep you updated if we come across more awesome board games for the iPad.

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