Will My iPhone Or Android Work On Other Carriers? Here’s How To Find Out

If, at any stage, you reach a point when you’re considering switching mobile carriers, the decision can be quite tricky. Not only do you need to shop around to find the deal or offer best suiting to your requirements, but you’ve then the issue of whether your new network operator’s services will function properly with your already-purchased handset. Now, though, a new Web service aims to make this transition as swift and painless as possible, and for both switchers and frequent travelers, it’s a one-stop shop.

In this day and age, you really ought to just be able to put any SIM into any smartphone and, by rights, expect it to work. But where technology is moving quickly in a sense that our pocket gadgets can do any and everything we ask of them, a process as simple as switching providers remains, for many, as much of a painstaking headache as it’s always been.

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But with the appropriately-named WillMyPhoneWork Web app in your armory, you’ll quickly be able to pick your device’s brand and model number before checking its compatibility with a host of different networks. Because you can scan domestic and international providers, this service is also useful if you plan on traveling around a lot, and with a growing list of over 2,000 mobile devices listed, appears to have all bases – and handsets – covered.

Despite the thorough nature of the information, though, WillMyPhoneWork is not completely infallible. For example, although it does provide information on supported bands, there may still be issues pertaining to regional restrictions. So while you’ll still need to do a little additional research before going and ordering SIMs and whatnot, the info provided by the app both very useful and generally specific, and should give you a rough idea of what’s compatible and what isn’t.

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Notably, and this somewhat goes without saying, you’ll also need an unlocked handset if you’re planning on experimenting with different networks. For the most part, a carrier will do this for free or charge a small fee once your contract has run its course, so if you’re planning on shopping elsewhere and want to try other network providers, do contact your current firm and arrange an unlock first.

To get started, simply point your desktop or mobile browser to: willmyphonework.net

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