WiFiKill For Android Lets You Cut Network Connection To Devices On Your WiFi [ROOT ONLY]

We came across an unusually powerful app earlier today: it’s called WiFiKill and it lets users on rooted Android smartphones kick off other people from WiFi networks so they can have all the bandwidth to themselves.


Developed by ponury, WiFiKill uses an advanced technique that fools all the devices connected to a WiFi network into thinking that your smartphone is the wireless router. All traffic from these devices then goes through your phone, allowing you to drop every single packet of data from them so you can enjoy a dedicated connection and feel like a hacker from some international intelligence agency (which you’re still not).

From Android Market:

Wi-Fi Killer, get all bandwidth for yourself.


allows you to scan your wifi network for devices, see their vendor and cut network connection for specified devices. This way you can get rid of network hoggers.

Once launched, you have to tap Off to actually turn on the service. WiFiKill then scans your WiFi network for connected devices, lists them by their IP address and allows you to kill them in three different ways which you can select from Preferences: DROP, DROP + REJECT and DROP + redirect. DROP only prohibits internet access and does not send back any response, DROP+REJECT does the same but sends back a destination-unreachable message to the source while DROP+redirect keeps redirecting user to home. All three are, essentially, equally lethal since you get all bandwidth to yourself.

WiFi Kill Screenshots

I personally tested the app on my home network with a Galaxy S II and my own laptop and can confidently confirm that it works as advertised. The app made my laptop think it was connected to the internet without actually having any access to it; in other words, I could not browse the internet with WiFiKill set to “kill” my laptop’s connection.

As Uncle Ben once said, “with great power, comes great responsibility”. So, please, please use this app responsibly. WiFiKill can be downloaded for free from the link embedded below:

Download WiFiKill [Market Link]

Note: Although the link is working for us, we are hearing reports that the app has been pulled from Android Market so you might want to get it from SlideMe.

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