Why Are Coins Hidden Inside Some Of Apple’s MacBooks?

As we go through life, we typically find that the experience, as glorious and fulfilling as it is, is full of unanswered questions that can sometimes leave us frustrated. Who really built the Pyramids? Is it possible to slam a revolving door? Why does mineral water have a use-by date when the bottle claims it’s been flowing through natural wells for thousands of years? And of course, the latest unanswered question, why have so many people discovered a coin wedged into one of Apple’s MacBooks, and other Apple products?

Those who opt to purchase a MacBook invariably end up loving the experience and sticking with the hardware going forward. It may cost a pretty penny compared to competing devices, such as some of those powered by Microsoft’s Windows platform, but the combination of Apple’s Mac hardware and proprietary macOS software is generally considered to be a premium experience. People are happy to pay for that.


It also appears that it’s potentially considered premium partly due to the fact that people keep finding coins wedged inside, such as the one found recently by Imgur user Greatease who found a United States penny wedged under the cover of his MacBook’s SuperDrive.

Finding a United States penny wedged into your performant SuperDrive may seem like a stroke of luck, or mean that you have a one-of-a-kind MacBook which has fallen foul of some freak manufacturing accident. However, this isn’t the only Apple computer to suffer, or benefit depending on how you look at it, from this.

In fact, there was actually a video posted all the way back in 2010 from a one Greg Kilpatrick who had managed to get inside of his MacBook Pro and find a quarter inside of his optical drive. 50-percent of those who commented on the post had claimed they’d experienced something similar; albeit none of them being able to explain why.

There have also been similar incidents in 2013 and 2016 of users finding coins inside of their MacBook machines. The funny, and confusing thing, is that the coins are of different denominations, and actually of different origins, and have been found in an array of different MacBook models.


(Reddit user eddie360 also discovered a penny in his MacBook in May 2016)

So, what’s going on Apple? Does the company have so much money in the coffers that it’s distributing it in very tiny amounts amongst those who are fortunate enough to be able to afford its hardware? Apple hasn’t provided any sanity on the situation, but in case you were tempted, we really don’t recommend pulling your MacBook apart to see if you’re 25-cents better off.

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