What OS X And Macs Can’t Do Vs Windows 10 PCs, According To Microsoft

Microsoft has started airing a video-based advertising campaign aimed at promoting Windows 10-powered PCs. As you might expect from a promotional effort designed to assist sales of a particular platform, the videos aired as part of the campaign all focus on the features embedded within Windows 10 that Microsoft believes separates the platform from the competition – read Mac. Each offering features a pair of women discussing the features and capabilities of their Windows 10 PCs, and how each feature assists them with running their business.

The videos do a fairly good job on focusing on a number of features within Windows 10 that Microsoft is keen to promote. There’s mention of the built-in voice assistant, Cortana, as well as references made to the multiple devices that offer a touchscreen experience with Windows 10. There’s also a mention for Windows Hello. Microsoft is clearly taking the opportunity to try and promote Windows 10 and the devices that it powers by taking a top shot at the likes of Apple and making reference to the fact that “Windows 10 PCs do more” than Macs in specific areas.


At one point in one of the videos, a woman says “I don’t have a touchscreen on my Mac. I’m jealous of that”. We’re not exactly sure that Mac OS X owners would actually want a touchscreen iMac or MacBook, but it’s definitely a feature that hasn’t made its way across to Apple’s OS X-powered machines. On the topic of Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant, another featured woman in the video proclaims “Cortana’s so helpful. Even on the new Macs, they don’t have that”. Apple’s computers may not offer Cortana, but if the speculation is to be believed then consumers should have access to Siri for Mac in the very near future with OS X 10.12.

Microsoft is clearly keen to push Windows 10 to as many consumers as possible, and as part of that, is taking the opportunity to fire some shots at Apple and the hardware that it produces. It’s certainly an aggressive marketing strategy, but the software giant company isn’t the first, and presumably won’t be the last corporation, to poke fun at competitor companies as part of a wide strategy to promote its own products and services. The release of Windows 10 is yet to reignite the continual decline of PC sales across the globe. Let’s hope this advertising effort can change that.

You can watch Microsoft’s promotional campaign for Windows 10 in the videos embedded below.

Windows 10

Windows 10 and Hello

Windows 10 and Cortana

Windows 10 and Inking

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