Watch: iPhone 6 Plus Gets Run Over By A Mammoth Tank [Video]

Ever wondered what would happen if you ran an iPhone 6 Plus over with a tank? No, us neither. Someone didn’t just wonder though. They did it. Twice.

Hey, do you know what’s always great when you’re patiently waiting for an in-demand product to come back into stock so you can buy one? Why people who already have them doing stupid things to them of course.

Back in the day all we had to worry about were people inexplicably putting gadgets into blenders. Then there was the halfwit who bought a brand new PlayStation 3 and then bounced it off the pavement outside his local retailer while shoppers looked on in horror. Then, of course, there was Bendgate.

iPhone 6 Plus tank main

Now it seems people are taking the quest for YouTube views to the next level after one channel decided that it would be just awesome if they could take an iPhone 6 Plus and run it over with a tank. You know, because that’s the kind of thing we all face in our lives.

So here we have it. TechRax is apparently rather infamous for doing things like this, and they just yesterday destroyed a brand new iPad Air 2 in the name of video ratings, so there’s no doubting that they’re well and truly off Jony Ive’s Christmas card list. If you can bring yourself to watch the video then please do, but be warned, it’s not pretty.

The only consolation? The guys making the video apparently forgot to hit the ‘record’ button the first time around, so they had to trash two iPhones to get their video.

That will probably just make those still waiting for deliveries even more fed up!

Here’s a small piece of advice to everyone out there, just don’t give your precious devices the treatment which you see above. Just, don’t.

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