Watch Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Interview With Charlie Rose – Part 1 [VIDEO]

One of the core strengths of Apple as a company is its ability to make what seems like an unbreakable connection with the public. A lot of that appeal can be traced back to the enigmatic Steve Jobs. A brilliant leader. A confident and charismatic public speaker. A visionary; but also a tyrant in the boardroom if you believe what people say. Apple’s current head honcho, Tim Cook, has managed to lead the company into a new era, doing so with his own brand of leadership and public facing charisma. Part One of the interview hosted by Charlie Rose has now been posted to watch online where we get a small insight into what makes Apple’s current CEO tick.

Part One of the brilliant interview has been posted in full, and is undeniably a "must watch" for any hardened Apple fan out there. After taking to the stage of the Flint Center in Cupertino, California last Tuesday, Cook is in fine form during the interview, clearly in a mood to provide the public with some interesting insight into Apple’s most recent history. Part Two of the interview will follow soon enough, but in this first installment we get to hear about the thinking behind the recently announced Apple Watch, the larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and the revolutionary Apple Pay system.


Cook also goes into detail on Apple’s recent purchase of the Beats by Dre headphone company, as well as the rationale behind striking a partnership deal with industry giants IBM. Perhaps more interesting than all of those is when the conversation actually gets onto Apple’s iconic co-founder Steve Jobs and how the two had talked in length about Cook taking over the reigns as Chief Executive Officer of the company. Of course, there’s also a whole heap more content squeezed into the fifty-four minutes of initial interview, but we wouldn’t want to spoil it all now, would we?

The second part of the Charlie Rose interview is all set to air on PBS on Monday, with the footage likely to land online shortly after. If you can’t wait to see what actually happens in the second part then just ponder this thought for a moment: what comes after the internet?

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