Unlockr For iPhone Replaces iOS 7 Lock Screen With A More Personalized Unlocking Option

Jailbreaking is all about customization, and if there’s one area of iOS that people like to fettle in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways, it’s the iOS lock screen. In fact, some of our favorite jailbreak tweaks are customizations for the lock screen, so when we heard about Unlockr, we were rather intrigued.

While lots of lock screen tweaks are about adding features like notifications or putting information at the fingerprints of users without having to unlock anything, Unlockr instead aims to change the way we actually unlock our devices, as well as how we secure them.

The stock method of unlocking an iPhone with a PIN code is to swipe to unlock and then enter the preset PIN. That’s how most of us unlock our smartphones nowadays, no matter whether they’re iPhones or not. Unlockr instead does away with both that swiping mechanism and the way PINs are entered.

Unlockr splash

With Unlockr installed, the whole unlocking process is nice and simple – not that the old, stock way is exactly difficult! Now, tapping the new button at the bottom of the screen will reveal four quadrants, with each quadrant being tappable. Those four quadrants are now your PIN entry system, with each one able to be tapped as many times as you want. Once a pattern is set, that pattern will need to be recreated each time the device is unlocked, or access will not be granted. There’s also a counter that displays how many tries are remaining, too.

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The tweak’s developer is quick to point out that Unlockr is not meant to be a secure way of keeping your device locked, which is probably a cross between covering themselves from problems moving forward and fact. Still, if for some reason entering a PIN is troublesome, then Unlockr might offer just what you’re after.

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At this point it’s worth pointing out that Unlockr is not compatible with Touch ID, so you’ll need to get that disabled before giving the tweak a try. Obviously if you’re not using an iPhone 5s, then you’re golden!

Unlockr is available to download from Cydia under the BigBoss repo, and costs just $1.99.

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