Top 5 must-have desktop Gadgets for Windows 7

Windows 7 Beta has been out for a while now and my take on it is that it is fast, stable and it gives more intriguing experience than any of its predecessors.  

Among many changes, Microsoft has changed the way how Windows handles Gadgets on the desktop. In Windows Vista, Sidebar provided a containing environment which hosted mini-apps built using XML, DHTML and JavaScript. Now starting with Windows 7, Windows Sidebar is no longer required to run gadgets as these mini DHTML based apps can now be placed directly on the desktop without having to have Windows Sidebar running.

I have been fond of using gadgets ever since their inception in Windows Vista. With the right gadgets, you can get things done quickly and easily. Unfortunately the development of quality Gadgets has been real slow. Microsoft is to be blamed for this. The story would have been much different had Microsoft added support for Gadgets development in Visual Studio with a drag-and-drop interface. Now since there isn’t any free quality tool out there for Gadgets development, it is very difficult to find quality gadgets from third parties. Adding insult to injury, Windows 7 Beta includes only one new gadget which is for Media Center. All other gadgets included in Windows 7 are from Windows Vista’s era.

Without going into any further delays, here is my pick for the top 5 must-have Gadgets for Windows 7. Of coarse I use Gadgets other than the ones I have listed below but they are too obvious and common so I haven’t included them in my list:

Twadget (The Twitter Gadget)

Twadget (The Twitter Gadget)I’ve become a regular user of Twitter over the last couple of months, both on the desktop and on the iPhone. Today I’ve discovered Twadget which looks like another great option for Windows (Vista & 7 only) users. I simply love this gadget. Twadget lets you do basic twitter tasks like sending and viewing all the tweets from your friends right from your desktop. If you’re one of those who use Twitter regularly, Twadget is for you! You can download it from here or download the complete Gadgets Pack here.

Remote Desktop GadgetRemote Desktop Gadget

Remote Desktop Gadget enables Windows users to remotely connect to other computers in their network right from the privilege of their desktop. It uses Remote Desktop Connection client on Windows to achieve remote desktop computing. It is simple and acts as a great extension to Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client. Click here to download it.

Blue Calendar Gadget for Windows 7

Blue Calendar Gadget for Windows 7

“rapha2” over at DeviantArt has modified the original Microsoft calendar gadget to make it blue in color. This new blue calendar gadget matches the cool bluish-wavy look of Windows 7. This gadget can be downloaded from here or you can download the complete Gadgets Pack here.

Windows Live ‘What’s New’ GadgetWindows Live 'What's New' Gadget

With Windows Live ‘What’s New’ gadget, you can get all the latest updates from Windows Live and other web activities of your network.

The Windows Live What’s New Sidebar Gadget (Beta) is a Vista gadget that displays your Windows Live “What’s New” feed on your desktop. You can receive real-time updates on what your friends are doing across multiple social networks right from your desktop. Be the first to know when your friends upload photos, add new friends to their networks, change their status messages and post comments. It’s quick and easy to add the Windows Live What’s New Sidebar Gadget (Beta).

Surely Windows Live team could have done a better job on the looks. This gadget isn’t pretty but it does the job well, displaying all the feed items including thumbnail images from Windows Live Home. Download it from Windows Live Gallery or download the complete Gadgets Pack here.

Simple Search BarSimple Search Bar GadgetAs the name implies, this search gadget is truly the most simple & clean search gadget out there which lets you search the web using Google, Yahoo and Live Search. Download it from Windows Live Gallery or download the complete Gadgets Pack here.

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