This Video Shows Apple Just Where The iOS Notification Center Is Going Wrong

A newly released concept video gives us an idea of what Apple could really do if it went all-in with Notification Center and actionable notifications.

Few things have had concepts made for them than the iOS Notification Center. It doesn’t seem to matter what Apple does to improve it – and improve it, it has – there is always something that it’s missing or doesn’t quite do the way most of us would like it to. That, inevitably, leads to concepts being put together.

That’s exactly what we have here.

Notification Center concept main

Created for Mobile Creative 2015, the minute-long concept shows where Apple is going wrong with the iOS 8 Notification Center and, much more importantly, how it can fix it.

The suggestions aren’t anything we don’t already know about but the way they are presented is worth a minute of your time. The upshot is that while iOS 8 took great strides in the notification department, actionable notifications are still well below where they should be. This concept takes that fact and runs with it, showing various apps like Twitter and Instagram and highlighting what they could be capable of if given proper power by iOS. As the video shows, if users were given the right tools to use from within Notification Center, we might not spend so much time switching between apps to do the simplest of things like retweet something.

While not telling anyone anything we didn’t already know, the concept certainly looks nice and highlights, once again, where Apple needs to improve its mobile experience. Even if it does give developers more access to Notification Center though, we’ll still need them to put the apps together for us and, so far, notable apps are still lacking proper iOS 8 updates.

So come on Apple and developers – pull your fingers out!

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