This Smart Camera Will Inform You If Someone Enters Your Home With A Gun

Devices that fall under the category of ‘The Internet of Things’ are fast becoming popular with consumers. The idea of having smart devices at home that can easily automate tasks and make everyday existence easier, and in fact safer, is one that resonates with a lot of households. Naturally, we all want to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and feel safe in our home, which is why nanoWatt Design feels like it’s onto a potential winner with its GunDetect smart camera for the home.

GunDetect is a new type of smart camera that currently exists as a Kickstarter campaign looking to crowdsource $200,000 to turn a vision and prototype into a marketable reality. The ‘smart’ part of GunDetect comes from its creators claiming that it is able to detect the presence of guns in and around the home. In fact, the camera would feasibly work in any indoor location and has the ability to alert a designated user of the detected guns by text message in real-time.


nanoWatt Design gives a quick overview of GunDetect and how it manages to offer the type of detection functionality that they believe fearful consumers would crave:

GunDetect uses computer-vision processing to automatically detect a firearm and alert you via a text message. It may be used to protect your own gun from unauthorized use or to alert you to the presence of a gun during an invasion of your home or business. GunDetect is designed to compliment gun security. It doesn’t require any changes to the gun itself. And GunDetect is completely controlled by you, the consumer.

What we essentially have here is a relatively cost-effective smart camera that promises to permanently monitor the environment in which it’s placed to detect the presence of firearms. The fact that the designers are claiming that no additional amendments are needed to the weapon is also a huge bonus, meaning the camera should offer ‘across the board’ detection right out of the box. In an age where gun safety is on everyone’s mind in specific parts of the world, a product such as this could go a long way to offering the peace of mind that a lot of home owners crave.



GunDetect is currently a long way off reaching its $200,000 target. A pledge of $349 will get you a Cloud GunDetect product with a twelve-month subscription to the company’s cloud servers. If you happen to be feeling extremely generous and are extremely passionate about gun control and gun safety, then a pledge of $5,000 or more will allow nanoWatt Design to make the world a safer place by investing additional funds into research and development for its next-generation of non-intrusive gun safety technology.

(Source: Kickstarter)

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