This iPhone 6 Pro Concept Features A Stylus, Game Controller And Projector [VIDEO]

As the iPhone 5s grows closer to the end of its lifecycle, attention has already shifted to what people think, hope or want Apple to offer when they finally announce its replacement. The iPhone 6 is always going to garner plenty of attention, and as is always the case with big iPhone releases, people have been hard at work creating 3D modeled representations of what they want the handset to look like and which features they hope make the jump from wishlist to reality.

The newest of these concepts to catch our eye comes from Sahanan Yogarasa, and actually looks pretty impressive, if highly unlikely to be anything like what we will be in line for come September or October. Looking vaguely like a Nokia Lumia phone, the iPhone 6 Pro concept comes with an integrated stylus and side-facing speakers rather than the down-facing solution offered on all previous iPhones. The concept looks gorgeous, but we won’t be holding our breath on that stylus.

iPhone 6 logo new

As for the internals, the iPhone 6 Pro concept features an A9 CPU, the highly anticipated iOS 8, a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera and 3-megapixel FaceTime camera.  A heart rate monitor is also included for those of us that like to make sure we’re still pumping blood, which would tie in nicely with Apple’s rumored health-oriented apps and smartwatch.

To us though, the most interesting part of this concept is the addition of a game controller. Built to house the new iPhone, this controller would not only offer gamers a way of controlling their in-game characters that more closely resembles traditional gaming, but it would also have a built-in projector. You know, if it was real.

This projector would allow iPhone 6 Pro owners to not only project games onto a large screen, but also movies and the iOS interface as a whole in a mirroring mode similar to how AirPlay currently works. We like the idea of that a lot, even if we probably wouldn’t ever use it! Oh, and the projector would be motorized so that it could move in relation to how the controller is moving – a fix for the inevitable problem of the thing moving and the image it’s projecting moving with it.

As far as concepts go, it’s safe to say that this is one of the more far-fetched that we’ve seen. But it’s also one of the most interesting.

Just don’t expect it to be shipping any time soon.

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