This iPad Pro Concept Is Every Bit A Pro Tablet With A Gigantic 4K 13-inch Display, Touch ID [VIDEO]

When Apple renamed the iPad, preferring to go with the iPad Air designation, everyone came to the logical conclusion that Apple must, presumably, be working on a new iPad that it would eventually call the iPad Pro. This assumption is obviously based on the fact that Apple’s MacBook lineup has both an Air and a Pro model. After all, why change the name of the iPad at all if Apple wasn’t planning on introducing something alongside it?

Of course, Apple hasn’t said anything that would make us thing that the iPad Pro is a real thing, nor has it said much that would make us think otherwise. This is Apple, and they don’t tend to comment on speculation. That hasn’t stopped everyone from debating what an iPad Pro would look like, as well as what it would feature that would make it more powerful and more useful than an iPad Air. As is always the case when the world is expecting a new Apple device, those creative enough to do it have been hard at work imagining what an iPad Pro would look like, taking to their graphic design setups with an aim of showing us a tablet that might never see the light of day.

iPad Pro concept

The latest concept to pop up comes courtesy of SET Solution, who’s designers have created a short video that shows a 12.9-inch iPad that is every bit the pro tablet. In fact, it’s probably so strong in a couple of areas that it’s almost guaranteed to not be something we’ll be buying any time soon.

The main thing you notice as soon as you see the video is that almost-13-inch display that would, according to SET Solution, be of the 4k variety. The chassis itself measures 284 x 204 x 7mm and the thing does look absolutely stunning. The epitome of a giant slab of glass, the iPad Pro as imagined here would likely take the breath away the first time anyone saw it.

Other specifications include a Touch ID sensor and a rear-facing camera with an iPhone 5s-like True Tone flash.

Samsung has recently announced its own tablets that it has decided to give the ‘pro’ label to – the Galaxy TabPro and NotePro – and we wouldn’t be at all surprised if Apple was indeed working to bring its own higher-end tablet to market. We’re just a little concerned about what it might cost!

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