This Google Nexus Smartwatch Concept Has Every Feature To Make Us Drool [VIDEO]

The T3 YouTube channel has posted a very interesting looking concept render of a Google smartwatch, designed very much in the image of the search giant’s Nexus brand of products. Running, as you would expect, an adapted version of Android, it would link up with your smartphone to supplement the overall experience by answering calls, syncing calendars, and generally lessening the need for you to incessantly reach for your pocket.

The idea of a smartwatch is not all that new in itself, but ever since the Pebble Smartwatch took the Kickstarter world by storm, the talk of some of tech’s biggest companies exploring this field has been almost without relent. Apple is said to have at least 100 developers and engineers dedicated to the task of bringing an iWatch smartwatch device to the market, and according to reports last month, Google’s Android team is also looking to fashion a wrist worn product together based on the company’s versatile operating system, so yes, a Google smartwatch is also on the cards.

Nexus smartwatch 3

This particular concept illustrates a beautifully simple device, which, although appearing innocuous enough, actually boasts a decent array of features. It connects to your smartphone to allow for remote call answering, allows you to access and control Google Now with a simple swipe, and will sync all of your contacts, calendars and messages automatically.

It uses proximity sensors to notify you when your device is out of range, meaning if you become as reliant on your smartwatch as you currently are your smartphone, you won’t unwittingly miss any important information or updates when you decide to take a wander.

This smartwatch concept is, in my opinion, a really nicely put together insight into what we could eventually see from Google. Although many seem to be prematurely placing the smartwatch as the successor to the smartphone as we know it, the likelihood is that, initially at least, these devices will be worn as an accompaniment to a user’s main mobile device rather than being an outright replacement.

Nexus smartwatch 2

As well as Apple and Google both seemingly preparing smartwatches, The Wall Street Journal also recently reported that Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind in what could be yet another competitive mobile market. The Redmond company is already playing catch-up in both the smartphone and tablet arenas, but with the added kicker of its Xbox console through which it may be able to integrate any smartwatch effort, one hopes the software maker can mount a decent challenge in this emerging field.

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