Google’s Android Team Reportedly Working On A Smart Watch, Too

We should all realize by now that the consumer technology industry is usually greatly influenced by trends in the market, with companies always rushing to be the first to launch the next innovative product.

It’s inevitable that a barrage of similar products will be released soon after by various manufacturers, but it’s that initial traction and being the first that can make the difference. The current buzz is undoubtedly focused on wearable technology, with intelligent wrist watches (smart watch) looking like the potential money spinner for the industry’s elite. It looks as if we can now also count Google among the potential smart watch elite, as new information emerges indicating that the company’s Android team are behind the current development.


Google has been capturing the minds of consumers when it comes to the potential power of wearable technology, thanks to its wonderful Project Glass. It’s highly likely that Google Glass will appeal to those who think nothing of pumping cash into the latest and greatest technology, but there is also likely to be a distinct divide between those who can and can’t afford tech like Glass. We’ve been hearing rumors for quite some time about Google’s potential journey into the smart watch world, after seeing a watch patent go through the PTO’s doors, but these latest reports add fuel to the already burning fire about the existence of an Android powered wrist adornment.

Although there isn’t any hard evidence to backup the claims that Google is already in the development process of a watch, it would seem to make sense for the company to be at least exploring the feasibility of what is and isn’t possible. Rival companies like Apple are seemingly well underway with their own wearable technology products, and we are already aware of the nifty little Neptune Pine smart watch that runs on Android 4.0, so we know that the system can be easily modified to provide a pleasant experience on such a small device.

The question remains as to whether or not Google sees any long-term value or viability in producing such a product. A lot of research and resources have been put into the Glass project, with the hope of producing something truly revolutionary. The jury is out on whether Google would see a secondary wearable piece of kit as a distraction and confusion to those who are interested in Glass.

(via TheVerge)

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